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Hire Vetted SEO experts

Off-Page SEO

Link building increases a website's authority to drive targeted organic traffic to your site and improves search engine rankings in search engines like Google.

On-Page SEO

Optimize your web pages for better search engine rankings and effective SEO campaigns. Improve your metatags, add schema markup, or implement an interlinking structure.

Technical SEO

Boost your content strategy with a technical SEO specialist to help your site comply with search engine best practices with the goal of better search engine rankings.

A Vetted and Verified Experience To Scale Your SEO Strategy

Hire SEO experts to take our online marketing to the next level.

The decision to hire SEO experts is an investment worth making if you want to succeed online. We understand scaling a business with confusing SEO strategies on other freelance sites can be complex. We get it and this is why Vettted is the first-ever Freelance marketplace built, run, and optimized by SEO freelancers.

We simplify and solve the challenges of recruiting and vetting all of our freelancers, so we can precisely offer you only the absolute best SEO talent. Each of our vetted SEO freelancers has been reviewed thoroughly and verified to have proven a track record of success and the technical skills, and communication for your online success, so leave it to the experts!

Why Vettted?

Verified SEO Professionals

With our expertise in vetting, we can optimize your online success through a wide range of services from a Vettted SEO specialist.

Full transparency

We understand hiring SEO experts can be confusing and frustrating. When hiring an SEO it is as important to know whom youโ€™re buying from as well as what youโ€™re buying. Our recruiting hiring process and is completely transparent with access to work history, client testimonials, portfolios, and more.

Managed SEO Services

Full hands-off monthly managed SEO solution developed and executed by industry-leading SEO Experts.

1-on-1 Consulting & Strategy Calls with SEO Consultants.

Stop wasting time with inefficient messaging, chats, and endless email back and forth.

Vettted gives you the tools to seamlessly hire SEO freelancers, SEO consultants, and digital marketing specialists with video chat features so you can speak with an expert marketer at a click of a button.

How is Our Talent Vettted?

If you are looking to optimize your online presence. Only 5% of all applicants are accepted into our talent network.

Personality, Language and Reputation

The first step in the screening process is a comprehensive English language and communication evaluation. Personality traits are also assessed - we look for freelancers who are passionate and fully engaged in their work. Furthermore, to access an applicant's reputation, we scour the internet to find everything that's publicly available about them.

In-Depth Skill Review

Can you walk the walk or talk the talk? We vet the talent based on results theyโ€™ve been able to achieve in past projects. Every freelancer is required to submit previous projects they worked on for internal analysis.

Video Screening

Every freelancer is required to submit a 1-minute video presentation about themselves. This allows us to further funnel down our freelance-talent pool and provide you with a transparent network of SEO experts who are willing to go the extra mile.

Branding and Professionalism

We value branding and professionalism as much as we value skills and transparency. We strive to onboard freelancers that understand that there is value in the details. There is always an assessment of freelancers' personal branding capabilities and how they carry themselves.

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